Honors Residential College


The Honors Residential College is a multi-year community that fosters intellectual, moral, and spiritual formation through friendship, integrated study, community service, and spiritual engagement. The HRC is home to 330 Baylor students enrolled in one of the Honors College majors or programs (Baylor Interdisciplinary Core, University Scholars, Great Texts, Honors Program). The HRC is located in Alexander and Memorial Halls.

"Living in the HRC has defined my time at Baylor. I found a great community, lifelong friends, and like-minded individuals who shared my love of learning."

Ella Pursley
HRC Student

"I have called the HRC home for my four years at Baylor and it has been cultivating in many ways. The diversity of majors and backgrounds has allowed me to grow my scope of knowledge in many unexpected ways, while also allowing myself room to grow in my own personal interests."

Andrew Thomas
HRC Alumnus

"My time in the HRC has inspired me to live intentionally; invest in community; and establish a proper balance of work, rest, and play in my life."

Alexa Mendes
HRC Student